Shahi Tila

Shahi Tila


  • Improves the physical defects of the penis.
  • Strengthen nerves of penis.
  • Useful in erectile dysfunction.

Use MAJOON KABIR ZAFRANI or MAJOON SHABEENA for even better results.



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Shahi Tila is a compound of precious herbs and natural oils essential for the strengthening of male sexual organ. It a natural oil to improve all the physical defects of the penis which has been in

our special product for men with sexual organ weaknesses such as erectile dysfunction and blockage of penile nerves of males. The common weaknesses occur due to the excessive masturbation, nocturnal emissions and excessive sexual intercourse.

Directions for Use: Take a few drops of Shahi Tila and rub gently on the penis leaving the Glans (head of the penis).

Massage it for 5-7 minutes and wrap with a cotton cloth or a betel leaf if possible and leave it overnight.

Wash it with luke warm water. Repeat this for at least a week.

CAUTIONS: Do not use cold water for washing.

If boils appear, refrain from massaging for a few days. Use burnt Ghee on the boils till the boils disappear. (Appearance of boils is common and nothing to worry about)

Refrain from sexual intercourse during treatment.


This product is completely natural and it does not have any side effects.

Packing Available: 5 ml. HDPE Dropper.


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