Vigurine Colic Drops

Vigurine Colic Drops


  • Relieves Colic pains infants
  • Relieves hiccups, indigestion, gripping
  • Promotes peaceful sleep

DRAP Enlistment No. 0754810800


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Vigurine Colic Drops is a unique natural remedy for relieving colic, indigestion, gripping, hiccups, burps and restlessness in newborns.

It is completely safe for infants, helps them to sleep peacefully and promotes healthy growth.

DOSAGE: For Babies up-to 6 months: 3-6 drops as required.

For babies between 6-12 months: 8-10 drops as required.

For babies up-to 3 years: 10-15 drops.

Or use as directed by the physician.

Shake well before use.
Keep in a cool and dry place.
Keep all medicine away from the reach of children.

Packing Available: 20 ml. HDPE Dropper.


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