Sharbat Gul Afroz

Sharbat Gul Afroz


  • Refreshing in severe heat.
  • Mix with hot or cold milk to make delicious flavored milk.
  • Quenches thirst.
  • Can be used in shakes, smoothies, yogurt, cakes and ice creams.



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Gul Afroz is a delightful natural syrup crafted from the distillates of roses and sandalwood. Known for its fragrant and refreshing taste, this traditional syrup has a rich history rooted in various cultures. The delicate sweetness of the roses blends harmoniously with the woody undertones of sandalwood, creating a refreshing, unique and captivating flavor.

  • Sharbat Gul Afroz is often mixed with water or milk, making it a soothing and cooling drink, especially during warm weather. Its exquisite aroma and delightful taste have made it a beloved choice for quenching thirst and indulging in moments of relaxation and enjoyment. In rainy and humid seasons, a lemon mixed sharbat Gul Afroz is even more refreshing.


  • Mix Sharbat Gul Afroz with cold or hot milk to make a delicious flavored milk.



  • It can also be used in Smoothies, shakes, yogurt, custards, puddings, ice creams and cakes.



Syrups are prepared according to the Tibbi Pharmacopoeia of Pakistan.

Shake well before use.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Packing Available: 800 ml. PET Bottle.


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