Sharbat Sandal

Sharbat Sandal


  • Useful in anxiety and palpitation of heart.
  • Relieves excessive heart from stomach and liver.
  • Helps to relieve insomnia and headaches.
  • Refreshing in severe heat.



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Sandalwood is known for its health benefits for heart, anxiety and insomnia. It is also helpful in relieving respiratory tract infections. It also works as anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

INGREDIENTS:  Aqua Distillate of Sandal wood, Sugar, permitted preservatives (E-211), Citric acid (E-330) and Natural color Tartrazine and flavors.

Syrups are prepared according to the Tibbi Pharmacopoeia of Pakistan.

Shake well before use.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Packing Available: 800 ml. & 240 ml. PET Bottle.



800 ml., 240 ml.


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